The Only Way Out

Let me first share an old song by Allan Roberts(songwriter) and Doris Fisher(singer), and revived by Michael Buble.

At first I didn’t understand the song, but partly I agreed, as I noticed, lovers cannot go on with it clean. There will always be, fights.

Until that day, 27th of January, 2011, I had to do what I had to do. I had to choose between to be or not to be.

I had to let her go, for good.

And the only way, was to hurt her. Badly.


About Chris

believes he can never be enough, he can never have it all.
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3 Responses to The Only Way Out

  1. glee says:

    >_< it's better not to be hurt than to get hurt. joke XD
    cheer up dude.. at least, you already decided what to do. that's a start 😉

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