Swimming Off The Box

“He not busy being born is busy dying.” ~Bob Dylan

Stuck on comfort zones? Don’t know how to live without something, or someone perhaps?

Well, I have been there, as well as every single person in this world. We put imaginary lines on how far we should go, imprisoned by the people around us, thinking we’re home, we’re secured; where else would we rather be?

But one day, you’re going to meet that someone, who’s going to change everything in you. Someone who leads you to cross that line. Someone who defies all odds. Someone you did not even intend to love.

This is not to discourage you, but you’re going to experience pain. A pain that is unlike any other. A pain that gets your head to the ground thinking, will it ever end? But then, you’re likely to fight this off, considering it’s part of loving.

Earlier this month, me and my friends went to Bantayan Island, Cebu.

There were seven of us, but the other three don’t know how to swim. One of them was very proud for she brought a lifebuoy.

While we we’re already on the water, one of my can-swim-but-not-that-confident friends borrowed the lifebuoy so she can go farther off-shore.

I don’t how it happened but the next time I gazed, she was already trying to catch the lifebuoy as it was being carried away by the waves. I rushed to help save it since I know she couldn’t continue farther since she isn’t a sturdy swimmer yet.

I swam at full speed, but the waves remarkably made the lifebuoy unreachable.

I didn’t wanna give up, but I was losing stamina. I was afraid I might not have enough endurance to counter the raging current and be carried farther where the waves were tremendous. Bottomline, it was a matter of life and death, so I bailed myself out.

“I did my best, but I guess my best wasn’t good enough.” ~James Ingram


About Chris

believes he can never be enough, he can never have it all.
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