Amazing Is Alive

I was checking out one of my favorite channels on cable television, and I learned the fact that there are more stars in the whole universe than there are grains of sand on the face of the planet, Earth.

They didn’t really count them, but I would rather not question their theories. I’m just fascinated of how small we can be, as I tried to imagine how humongous is the cosmos.

Like many others, I dreamed of becoming famous, someone who would be written in stones, body preserved, and adored by the generations to come – but as I tried to be one, I only got disappointed. I noticed that the more I try and please people, the less I am becoming of myself.

Stars? I used to wanna be them. Now for me, they’re just grains of sand, mixed with concrete to build a beautiful spacious house that no one really needs.

Life spent on trying to exist, is a waste of time – for we already are significant.

We should be asking why, what’s our purpose? Why are we even alive? Why is it so amazing to be living?


About Chris

believes he can never be enough, he can never have it all.
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